Systematic Activities to Boost Writing Skills RW3

  1. Create a Climate that Fosters Writing
    Hold lively, idea-packed pre-writing discussions to warm up your roomful of writers—we’ll show you how to do it the easy way! Learn a simple system to help your students get their writing organized and keep it that way. Discover easy ways to motivate children to write, write, write!
  2. Writing Together-Activities for all Grades
    Engage your whole class in writing together activities! We’ll give you lots of specific activities you can use immediately in your classroom. Writing together activities build young writers’ confidence. Children learn how to generate ideas for writing so the room is buzzing with ideas. No one says “I can’t think of anything to write!”
  3. Build Confidence and Foster Writing Success
    When children write, the flow of their writing often grinds to a halt when they need help spelling words. In this lesson, you will gain simple ways to help children with spelling so they can keep on writing! You’ll use these ideas every day in your classroom! We’ve also included our favorite “Jumpstart Formula” that works like a charm to get writers going.
  4. Step-by-step to Writing Success
    Children need to engage in a lot of writing to become skilled writers. In this lesson, we’ve provided thirty-three writing frameworks to use with your whole class, small groups, at centers or individual students. Our writing frameworks are recipes for success—and, they make writing fun! They are a snap for busy teachers to put into action.
  5. Writing with Depth and Rich Details
    Get ready to be amazed at the high quality writing your students produce when they do focused writing.  Instead of dashing off a few quick sentences, children will do writing activities that are spread over several sessions. We’ll show you how to bring out the writer in every child. When children learn how to write well, they can to paint pictures with their words! Focused writing is a simple process with results that are truly amazing!
  6. Let’s Write Poetry
    Children who love to hear, read and recite poems are motivated to write poems! Writing poetry is a joyful experience for the whole class. Children love to “play with words” and engage in creative expression! You’ll learn easy ways to have children share the poems they write with others! Lots of fun ideas are included for sharing the joy of poetry with your students!
  7. Providing Feedback on Children’s Writing
    Teachers never have enough time—that’s why we’ve included time-saving ideas for giving children feedback on their writing. Learn ways children can do self-evaluation and proofreading. In this lesson, you’ll get so many ideas for writing conferences and encouraging young writers. Ideas are classroom tested and work in the busiest of classrooms!
  8. Enrich Your Classroom with Writing Centers
    Learn innovative ways to create permanent centers that do not create a lot of work for busy teachers. We’ve included tips for managing centers and different approaches to using learning centers. Specific ideas for writing centers are included that are quick and easy for teachers to establish. Our learning center ideas are teacher-friendly and high interest for students!
  9. Help Parents Support Children as Writers
    Practical ideas galore to encourage parents to help their children write well. Lists of specific activities are provided that you can share with parents. Parents appreciate knowing exactly what to do to support their children as writers. You can share ideas at parent meetings, conferences and in newsletters. You’ll earn an A+ from parents with the ideas in this lesson.