Systematic Activities to Boost Reading Achievement RW1

  1. Create a Classroom Environment to Motivate
    Learn how to make the most of your classroom environment so it encourages children to read. Lots of smart-and-simple ways to motivate your roomful of eager readers.
  2. The Reading, Writing and Speaking Connection
    This lesson is packed with high-interest ways to engage your class in whole group reading activities. Discover new ways to connect listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  3. Build Fluency and Add Variety to Your Reading Program
    We’ll show you how to build fluency so you have a roomful of eager, confident readers. We will discuss an easy-to-manage reading activities program you and your students will love.
  4. Grouping for Instruction to Maximize Achievement
    There’s a big gap between your weakest and strongest readers. We’ll show you how to work with the range of readers in your room. Ideas for working with the whole class, small groups, pairs of children and individual students.
  5. Understanding What You Read
    Learn easy ways to use literal and interpretive questions to boost comprehension skills. We’ll discuss a formula that helps children listen and follow directions so they can work successfully on their own.
  6. Comprehension Counts
    Teach main idea, sequencing, predicting, understanding characters, cause and effect, drawing conclusions and forming inferences with the ideas in this lesson.
  7. Reading-related, Student-created Bulletin Boards
    Enhance your reading-rich classroom with bulletin boards created by your students. These bulletin boards are teaching tools that actively involve every student.
  8. Building Literacy
    Reach and teach every reader with high-interest classroom reading clubs. You’ll find out how to get this great idea going in your classroom in this lesson.
  9. The Reading Connection between Home and School
    Help parents support their children as readers with these specific ideas. We’ll show you how actively involve parents the easy way!