How Courses Work

It’s as easy as A, B, C to take our courses. Simply print out your course lessons or we’ll mail them to to you.
aaaChoose the course you plan to take. Choose the course you plan to take. Look at the Course Outline and the Sample Lesson for the course. Discover how practical and down-to-earth these courses are. No wonder teachers tell us they use our ideas the next day in their classrooms.

bbbClick on Register Now to register for your course. Click on Register Now to register for your course. Make a note of the password you choose. Each course costs $99. After you register and make payment, sign in on the home page. Now, simply print out your course. Each course has nine lessons. Print out the lessons and store them in a three-ring binder. You will have an organized, idea-filled notebook as a valuable resource. Keep your notebook handy so you have a goldmine of ideas at your fingertips.

cccEarning semester units is optional. Earning semester units is optional. You’ll receive a registration form via postal mail about earning units. Semester units are $62 per credit. You may earn up to four semester units for each course. We will guide you through the credit requirements as you go through your course. At the end of each lesson, there are specific suggestions for writing activities to use for earning credit. For detailed information about earning credit click on About University Credit on the home page.

Barbara Gruber, M.A. and Sue Gruber, M.A.
Course Authors and Instructors