Earn University Credit

University Credit Program Provided By:
Professional Development Programs for the Teaching Professional from University of the Pacific, Center for Professional and Continuing Education.

Semester hours, from University of the Pacific, Center for Professional and Continuing Education are post-baccalaureate credits specifically designed to meet the needs of educators for professional upgrading and salary advancement. These Professional Development Courses are for graduate participants who are NOT pursuing an advanced degree at UOP. Acceptable where local districts approve and applicable to state licensing where authorized. All participants are responsible to determine acceptability of these credits for their intended use. Cost is $62 per semester credit.

For each Barbara Gruber Course you can earn up to three semester credits. For each semester credit you will develop and report in three pages or more on a minimum of three follow-up projects based on the Barbara Gruber Course you are taking. These projects can be completed as you go through the course. Upon completion of the course, your projects will be ready to submit for credit. Course work is due within four months of your enrollment date. Upon completion of the course and follow-up projects, you will receive a grade report showing credits you earned. You may request an official transcript for $4.00 after your grade report is received. University Accreditation: University of the Pacific, established 1851, is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Please Note:

The University of the Pacific (UOP) uses different course numbers and course titles than we do. The university course names and numbers are used on the official transcripts.

Barbara Gruber Course:
CM1—Maximize Learning with Positive Behavior Strategies
University of the Pacific (UOP) # & Title: PEDU 9014—Creating Practical Strategies and Ideas

Our Course:
CM2—100% Practical Ways to Save Time and Work
UOP # & Title: PEDU 9004—New Curriculum Ideas/Materials Development Practicum

Our Course:
RW1—Systematic Activities to Boost Reading Achievement
UOP # & Title: PEDU 9009—Activities to Accelerate Learning

Our Course:
RW2—Build Essential Vocabulary and Basic Word Skills
UOP # & Title: PEDU 9010—Curriculum Enrichment Activities

Our Course:
RW3—Systematic Activities to Boost Writing Skills
UOP # & Title: PEDU 9011—Creative Projects for the Classroom

A Registration Form for University Credit is on the first page of Lesson 1 of your course. Click on the link that says University Credit Form. You have four months from course enrollment date to complete and submit coursework for University Credit.

Your credit forms can be found in Chapter 1 of your purchased course.